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Fine Art Photography

Photography was not what I learned in school, but I studied it like a language and got my experience on the street, shooting what was around me, following a tradition of reportage image making. I did not find this very satisfying and soon broke from tradition with the production of my first monograph Stasis. That was followed by The Hollywood Suites, a 3-year exploration of rooms in old tenament buildings in a run-down section of Hollywood. I first photographed genre nudes, then focused on the rooms themselves, isolating key architectural elements, exploring inside/outside relationships and the perception of space itself.

Moving to New York in 1986 changed everything for me. Except for a photo essay of Chemical Plants in 1989, I worked almost exclusively as commercial photographer.

In 2002 I returned to the art arena with a comprehensive group of portraits entitled Subway Series.

During my last 3 years in Brooklyn I was working on Shadows, a project consisting of photograhs of tree images projected arcoss the rough-textured urban canvas of concrete and asphalt.

Steve Kahn's work is available from Howard Greenberg Gallery (New York) and Casemore Kirkeby (San Francisco).


Tough urban surfaces where nature makes its marks.
An intimate portrait of NYC as mirrored in the faces of its subway riders.
FROM TRAINS 1981-1984
Blurred images of a landscape rushing past my train window.